FAMSA, an NGO, wished to set up a family/relationship counselling centre to make their services more accessible to the large, mainly poor, residential area. The building includes counselling rooms, training spaces, a dining area and a small creche. It is aimed to have a firm presence on the busy street and a more domestic scale on the quiet one, and to have bright, friendly spaces despite the very small site.

Client: FAMSA   Date: 2008


KURUMAN MOFFAT MISSION - general plan, conference facility, library and offices.

The Mission, undergoing a process of renewal with its traditional educational programmes being reinforced and new ones added, needed broad planning for the whole property, a library to house the Mission's excellent collection together with offices, and additions to the existing conference facility including a new meeting space. The new buildings are planned to sustain the quiet ambience of the historic place, to disturb the beautiful bushveld as little as possible, and to make large habitable outside spaces. They are harmonious with the existing buildings in colour, scale and general character without copying them.

Client: Moffat Mission, Kuruman, Northern Cape   Date: 1996 - 1997



The Centre serves abused women and children and the brief called for counselling rooms, reception and administration offices, a multipurpose hall and training space, a safe house for 12 children and a medical clinic. The building complex was arranged on the street in order to establish its public nature. However the need for privacy demanded that the safe house and clinic should be placed in less accessible positions. Thus an open court was formed which can be used for children’s play and waiting space. It is accessible to all the functions, creates a sense of protection and makes a green lung in a drab environment.

Client: Nonceba Family Counselling Centre   Date: 2008